Week One—A Year of Dinners*

January 25th

New York Steaks with a pesto/butter sauce

January 26th

Corn Chowder with bacon

January 27th

I had the night off. I met a book club friend for tapas and wine. My wife and son pooh-poohed leftovers and ate at The Habit Burger Grill, a higher-end hamburger joint. For those who do not know, Habit, based in Irvine, CA, is a fast-growing chain, with at least 250 locations as I write this. This month, Yum Brands, owner of Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, Long John Silver and A & W—can you spell juggernaut?—bought the Habit, which soon will be coming to a neighborhood near you.

January 28th

I will occasionally break the pattern and say something about breakfast. Consistent with my usual breakfast of leftovers, this morning I had the leftover portion of Sunday night’s Corn Chowder. To add some protein, I sizzled two ounces of pancetta. For those unfamiliar, pancetta is Italian bacon. Trader Joes sells a four-ounce package. Do not ask me why it is Italian, it just is, like french fries. Some things are not worth ruminating over.

January 29th

Hearty Sirloin Chili

January 30th

Thursday nights are choir nights for my wife. Dinner must be served no later than 6 PM. Therefore I don’t get too creative on Thursdays and tend to stick with tried and true recipes.

January 31st

The Los Angeles Times creates a top 101-restaurant list each year, a list initiated by their beloved, Jonathan Gold, who died suddenly of pancreatic cancer in July of 2018. Gold revolutionized the restaurant review process (no stars) and the LA restaurant scene, and though I cannot prove it, home to more types of ethnic restaurants than any other city. Gold gave them all attention and support. Why 101? I have no idea.



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