New Replacement Theory—Women Replacing Men

Keith Frohreich
7 min readMay 17, 2022


Hey sisters — no pressure, but only you can save our Democracy. How? Replace men in power.

Not that there aren’t plenty of women who are trashing our Democracy. The list is long and includes such bat-shit crazies like House members Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauran Boebert, Senator Marsha Blackburn and Elise Stefanik, third ranking member of the House Republican leadership team. Then there are all of those idolizing, swooning photos of white women at Trump’s pep rallies, enough to cause male celibacy.

Who would have thought that fourteen years after John McCain stepped in it and selected Sarah Palin that Palin would pale in comparison in the Trump Party fanatics.

I thought of this blog theme while my wife and I attended a women’s rally on May 14th in Santa Ana, CA. There were a few thousand of us, and probably 80% were women, as would be expected. The featured speaker was House member Katie Porter, a current rock star in the Democratic Party — a brilliant, effective, and take-no-prisoners’ person. Two women dressed as Handmaids, one was 88 and in a wheelchair. Her 66-year-old daughter was pushing her — both determined that females of any age, not go back to the back alleys.

I write this in the aftermath of another massacre in Buffalo. I have no words that would matter — another day, another massacre. Rather, I intend to focus on the future and who might save us.

In an earlier blog, “What Republicans Are Saying About Trump And His Cult,” former strategist for George Bush, Matt Dowd, said this, “The Republican Party has become the party of ‘stop America’s diversity,’ stop empowerment of groups who are now a significant part of this country. White, heterosexual, male Christians represent just over 25% of the country. White, heterosexual, male Christians represent 80% of all of the power levers in the country.”

In this example, Dowd was warning that the 80% number had dropped from 90%, hence the pushback by men. Regardless, 80% is a dominant percent and speaks volumes about who we are.

Also in an earlier blog, ‘Toxic Masculinity,” I focused on a growing plague among my gender. It has always been with us.

To wit, men are responsible for all of the major, and even most minor wars in our world’s history.

In the United States, most of the mass shooters are white men. Most of the gun deaths are due to white men, many taking their own life because of feeling dissed, diminished or demoralized. They felt a lost of power or control.

But have they lost power or control? No.

Most of the CEOs in this country are male.

Most of the boardrooms are predominantly male.

Most members of Congress are male.

Most members of the Supreme Court are male, and were 100% male until Sandra Day O’Conner was confirmed in the 1990s.

All presidents have been male.

Most judges are male.

Most millionaires and billionaires are male.

Males make more money than women for the same job.

Most law enforcement and firefighters are male.

Most of the military are male.

For clarification, most can mean as little as 51%. In these examples, the number exceeds two-thirds.

Men are pushing back. As Matt Dowd said, “white heterosexual male Christians represent 80% of the power levers in the country.” OMG, it is down from 90% — Katie bar the door.

The taking away of voting rights targets all minorities, but women more, especially Black women. Remember, women have only been allowed to vote for a little over 100 years. The taking away of abortion rights has a bulls-eye on all women’s vaginas, though impacting the poor and women of color more, its opinion written by a white, heterosexual, Christian male. The most draconian voting laws and abortion laws are from states led by white males, the exceptions being Alabama and South Dakota.

Some relevant data points:

· In Congress, over 50% of the members are millionaires — 86.5% are men and 13.5% are women. Who can best relate to the rest of us — men or women, millionaires or non-millionaires?

· Members of Congress are 73% men and 27% women. Women members are 38% Democrat versus 14% Republican.

· In a recent CBS News poll, women, by a margin of 67% to 62% for men, said about Roe v Wade, “Keep it as it is.”

· Pew Research reports, by a margin of 63–59, women say that same-sex marriage is a good thing or somewhat good thing for society.

· Also according to Pew Research, women, by a margin of 69–29, say there are still significant obstacles to getting ahead. Men say 56–43 that the obstacles are largely gone. Republican men say obstacles are largely over with by a 70–29 margin.

· Women vote at a higher percentage in presidential elections.

· Paradoxically, there is this from the Voice of America web site: In 2020, “55% of white women voted for then-incumbent, Republican Donald Trump.”

This last bullet point is after four years of all of the lies, the horrific handling of the pandemic, too many sexual harassment complains to trivialize, “grab them by the p — -y,” and putting three abortion trolls on the Supreme Court.

I wish I understood that. Could it be that fear of BIPOC still rears its ugly head on Election Day, even as more women are college-educated? “Sixty-four percent of white women with a college degree voted for Biden.”

More data points:

· “Nonwhite people accounted for about one-third of the electorate in 2020, which is the largest share ever.” Easy to see why the Republicans are contorting themselves to stymie nonwhite voters.

· According to Pew, all women vote Democrat 56–38. All men vote Republican 50–42. Women lead in registration, 74.1 to 71.2. Women voted more in 2020, 68.4% to 65%.

· On the education front, in the school year of 2020–2021, women accounted for nearly 60% of college students. Men are dropping out at increasing rates. In 2019 women led men 57–43 in conferred degrees. Women graduate faster than men.

· Yet, according to the Department of Labor, women earn 82 cents to a man’s dollar in nearly all occupations. At the current trend the gap is not expected to close until 2059.

· Also according to the Labor Department, the pandemic set women’s labor force participation back more then 30 years. Expect overturning Roe v. Wade to contribute to that.

· According to Pew Research, 39% of men own guns, and 22% of women, though the women’s number grew significantly in the past several years.

Not sure I understand that last point either.

I could not find a breakout of ownership of handguns, versus assault rifles like AR-15s, but I would wager the answer would dramatically skew men. Men are much more likely to own more than one gun. I have a nephew-in-law that owns over 100 guns. Color me gob-smacked. Does he sleep with them?

Name me the women who are mass shooters or killers.

I do not foresee a camouflaged woman toting an AK-15 into a strip club to take out as many men as she can.

No woman would do what happened in Buffalo. It is not in their DNA.

Men, mostly white, are scared. Women and the “other” are making inroads. Man the ramparts. Arrest the uteri. Repel the protests. Pass more restrictive voting legislation, and march the newer freedoms, like same-sex marriage and LGBTQ, up to the Supreme Court to be restricted or struck down, if for no other reason than they were not in the original constitution. Neither was the number nine for Supreme Court justices. And McConnell dictated only eight justices for nearly a year in 2016. They do it because no one is stopping them.

Nearly half of Republicans believe in Replacement Theory.

Women should launch their own Replacement Theory with the goal of replacing men in power. The first action step — out vote them and vote them out.

Women are more likely than men to have a compassionate DNA. Women are more likely than men to have a nurturing DNA. Women are more likely than men to have a lot of BFFs.

Women are less likely than men to feel entitled. Women, especially women of color, are more likely than men to share what they have, even if financially stressed. It is as if they say, we got you, my brothers and sisters, we understand.

We know about toxic masculinity. Is there toxic femininity? No, but there is feminism. Rush Limbaugh coined the phase Fem-Nazis — a publicity stunt. But Rush also suffered from toxic masculinity — four wives. No, we don’t need a female version of toxic masculinity. Besides, it is not in their nature. That is one of the reasons I have faith in women.

The hard reality is that the fight to save Democracy cannot succeed without white women. As a white man, I do not have that plan. It must come from women.

To college-educated white women, to all women of color, I leave you with this — know thy enemy — white men.

On May 16th, Steve Bannon said this on his podcast regarding the murders in Buffalo.

“Not backing off one inch. This is why we’re going to take over every elections board in the nation,” he remarked. “This is why we’re going to take over every medical board in this nation. This is why we’re going to take over state legislatures and D.A.s and attorney generals [sic] and secretaries of state and governors. And we’re not going to stop. We are ascendant!”

Women are ascendant.

This is your time.

Seize it.

Save Democracy.



Keith Frohreich

Writer of books, blogs and newspaper columns. Due to the current threats to our democracy, my blogs, for now, will focus on those threats. If not me, who?