Captain’s Log, May 8, 2020

Oh joy, we passed 75,000 deaths around midnight on the 6th. The folks who think 5,000,000 dead bodies is just ducky should be dancing on those graves and toasting each other — six feet apart.

Another conspiracy doctor, Judy Mikovitz, recorded a tape that swept through the conspiracy theorist cabals, over a million views on Facebook. Snopes snooped her out. No matter, her nonfiction book is now #1 on the Amazon nonfiction list — which was actually the point, wasn’t it?

The White House garroted the CDC. This institution used to be respected worldwide. Now, they are a laughingstock.

The last two walks in the neighborhood showed no parent eagles in the nesting tree. The eaglets are still there, though they seem almost as large as the parents. They are the eagle’s version of failure to launch.

This is Mother’s Day Weekend beginning tomorrow — I say weekend because my wife gets pampered both Saturday and Sunday. For dinner, I make what she most loves, without any consideration to degree of difficulty or time spent. Mother’s Day Weekend is also dessert-time. For Saturday, she chose Filets with a Fried Shallot Butter Sauce. Tempura Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes Ala Keith, and Chocolate Molten Lava Cake, topped with ice cream. We will open a very good cabernet from Klender Winery in Paso Robles, and launch the evening with her favorite beverage, a Cosmo. Sunday night will be Rack of Lamb, Beer-Battered Broccoli and Roasted Corn on the Cob with Garlic-Basil Butter. I am thinking she will choose a Strawberry Daiquiri for her libation. I made enough lava cake for her to have a do-over for dessert. She will not suffer.

When our daughter read the Captain’s Log, May 1, 2020 Blog, she called attention to a recent article in the New York Times by Noah Berlatsky. He writes “vice-signaling…this call to callousness and Darwinism has begun to take over conservative thinking….a public display of immorality, intended to create a community based on cruelty and disregard for others, which is proud of it at the same time.”

I am now labeling this the “I Don’t Care” Movement. This is as nice as I can label this, though it is actually much meaner.

Melania Trump is notorious for her wearing of a raincoat with the words: “I Don’t Care, Do U’ on the back. This is the first lady of the United States. How enabling was that message, and similar to Trump saying there are good people on both sides, in the aftermath of Charlottesville? He was not trying to equivocate; he sent a message to the haters that he had their back.

A Facebook friend posted something about this in regard to COVID-19 as to how we became so callous. I commented that it was my belief that the United States has forever been cruel and punitive. Consider: slavery, Indian slaughter and domination, early German, Italian and Irish immigrants, Chinese laborers building the railroads, lynchings, indiscriminate killings of Mexicans in the Southwest (they had to be pushed out like the Indians), wild west lynchings, Jim Crow Laws, Japanese internment camps, school segregation, black poll taxes and black voter suppression, women’s rights, gays, and now Latinx and Muslims.

We like to shoot people, a lot.

My jaw drops when watching men on TV, many obese, most with lots of facial hair, most with only a high school diploma, and most packing an assault weapon, while prowling and growling on the streets and hallways of state capitol buildings with the moral certitude that they are the master race.

I always knew I walked amongst this element in this country. I just did not know it was so many. Trump emboldened them and the “I Don’t Care” Movement. That, and impeachment, will be his legacy.

Okay, enough of a soapbox for this blog entry. Putting it back in the closet — for a few paragraphs.

My wife and I are in our 8th week of quarantine. The infection curve in our home county is still rising.

Still on our travel wish list are: a fly-in Canadian fishing trip in mid-July, a family reunion in Boise in late July, a 49th wedding anniversary trip to the California Central Coast in late August, and a high school reunion in early October. Three of the four trips involve flying. Our daughter in France is expecting her our second grandchild in mid-to-late October. My wife desperately wants to be there. Right now I am not feeling optimistic about any of this travel list.

We lost a close friend late last month, but not from COVID-19. It is that time of our life.

Still, no stimulus check. If it ever comes, we are planning on donating it to two NGOs.

Checking the mental health state of my wife and I, I am not a psychologist, but so far, so good. I would not want to do this for six months. I don’t even like myself enough to do this for that long. I may have to develop multiple personalities just to entertain myself and socialize more.

We miss our gym. So do our bodies. But, so far, we both are only up a couple of pounds. We need to cap it at that.

On the latest neighborhood walk, the eaglets are still failing to launch. I am pretty sure the parents are getting annoyed.

The President of the United States tweeted over 120 times on Mother’s Day. I repeat: The President of the United States tweeted over 120 times on Mother’s Day. He is now the Tweety-Bird-in-Chief. I suggest we send in Sylvestor Stallone, aka Rambo, aka Rocky to capture his Tweeter or at least break a couple of thumbs.

With apologies to Jimmie Thomas who wrote Rockin’ Robin:

He tweets in the White House all the time,

Whining and moaning and slinging his slime.

All the loyal Trumpsters on DC’s streets,

Love to hear Dear Leader go tweet, tweet, tweet.

Our new reality is a reality not known in my lifetime — nothing even close. We have no idea where this leads — have we peaked and flattened the curve, have we earned the freedom to slowly open up, have we learned enough about COVID-19 to feel safe again? The answer is no to all three questions. I will continue to listen to the experts and to Governor Newsom until somebody gives me a good reason why I should not.

For all of you who think this is a hoax, or some sort of government takeover — I don’t care.

In case you did not know — the virus does not care.

My home county today reported its highest infection rate since tracking began—229. The previous high had been 156, three days earlier.

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